Monday, February 21, 2022

Get the new CoSpaces Edu Game Design Teacher Guide!


#CoSpacesEdu #G4C Game Design Teacher Guide

I recently partnered with Games for Change to create a Game Design Teacher Guide using CoSpaces Edu! CoSpaces Edu is a great classroom tool for teaching coding, game design, story telling, and more! It's also my favorite tool for augmented and virtual reality creation for my students. Continue reading to learning more about the guide and get free access!

The "Intro to Game Design: Computer Programming and Game Design with CoSpaces Edu" is a teacher guide that will help educators feel comfortable introducing CoSpaces Edu and a block-based programming language to their students.

The teacher guide includes the following sections:

  • What is computer programming?
  • CoSpaces Edu Project Editor breakdown
  • What is CoBlocks? (the programming language) and a CoBlocks tool breakdown
  • Project #1: All About Me Merge Cube
  • Project #2: VR Roller Coaster
  • Project #3: Floor is Lava
  • Final Project: Build Your Own Impact Game
Each project is broken down into phases with detailed step-by-step instructions and screenshots, making it easier for an educator at any level to teach it in their classroom.

Get access to the Game Design CoSpaces Edu Teacher Guide

The "Intro to Game Design: Computer Programming and Game Design with CoSpaces Edu" is free to use! You can get a downloadable PDF of the guide by clicking on the image below.

Click this image to get a downloadable PDF of the teacher guide for free!

Disclosure statement: I received compensation from Games for Change for creating the Game Desig Teacher Guide.

Get access to CoSpaces Edu Pro!

The CoSpaces Edu projects within require the teacher and students to have a CoSpaces Edu Pro license. Pricing for CoSpaces Edu Pro can be found here.

However, if you would like to try out CoSpaces Edu Pro for FREE you can use my ambassador trial code! It will provide you with 30 days of Pro access for you and 99 students (including the Merge Cube add-on).
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Need help applying this trial code to your CoSpaces Edu account? Watch this video tutorial.

If you're interested in purchasing CoSpaces Edu Pro for your classroom, I also have a discount code! You can use COSARVREduPromo at checkout to get 15% off your initial purchase of CoSpaces Edu Pro.

I receive no compensation from CoSpaces Edu for the use of the trial code and the discount code.

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