Sunday, September 22, 2019

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CoSpaces Edu is my favorite AR & VR creation tool for the classroom!  At the beginning this school year I created a fun and interactive CoSpaces Edu Augmented Reality MERGE Cube experience for my technology class students. They loved it and it helped kick start the school year with excitement and intrigue! Want to learn how I created the activity? Read on!

You can also get everything from the event here:

Watch the Facebook Live Video Recording
CoSpaces Edu Tips & Tricks: Create an Interactive AR Activity

On September 22, 2019 I led a Facebook LIVE broadcast for the Virtual & Augmented Reality for Education Facebook group. During this hour long broadcast I shared 3 step-by-step tutorials for:

  1. How to use CoBlocks in CoSpaces Edu to make objects interact with each other
  2. How to build and code a clickable button in CoSpaces Edu
  3. How to create a fun "guessing game" quiz in CoSpaces Edu

Watch the Recording of the Facebook LIVE Broadcast:

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CoSpaces Edu CoBlocks Tutorials!

To help you get started with using CoSpaces Edu and the CoBlocks tool with your students, I created two separate one-page tutorials to walk students through the steps of accomplishing two of the tutorials I shared in the FB Live broadcast:
  1. Downloadable Tutorial #1: Code Objects to Interact
  2. Downloadable Tutorial #2: Create an Interactive Button

Important Resources for CoSpaces Edu
Everything you need from this LIVE Broadcast can also be access here:

"Your Pace Training" Online Course:
Google Street View for the K-12 Classroom

Watch the short information video below to learn about this online self-paced courses by the AR VR Edu Hub! 
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