Sunday, August 25, 2019

Create an Interactive AR Activity with CoSpace Edu & MERGE Cube

Create an interactive AR activity | @EdTechnocation
It's the beginning of the school year and the toughest thing for teachers is trying to keep their students engaged and excited while sharing the important, yet often monotonous, details about the class. Here's a great idea to create an interactive AR activity with CoSpaces Edu and the MERGE Cube add-on, originally shared by @MmeAmydee!

@MmeAmydee shared this great idea on Twitter recently!

I teach pull-out technology classes to grades K through 3. And when I came across Madame Amy's idea I thought it would be a great new way to introduce my students to the Tech Lab this school year. So I created my own CoSpaces Edu Space with the MERGE Cube add-on. 

Here's a video walkthrough of how the space works:
  • The first scene begins with the learning objectives for the school year. I'll remix this and create separate Spaces for each grade level so that I can customize the learning objectives. There are interactive elements on each side of the cube including the key, the traffic light, and the moving robots.
  • The second scene, accessed when students tap on the "RULES" button, shares the four rules of my Tech Lab. Each side has a tappable button that reveals a scene displaying an example of how they can follow the rule.
  • The third scene, accessed when students tap on the "GAME!" button, is a "Mr. Fricano Guessing Game" and each side is a multiple choice question that reveals something about their teacher.

And here is a sample Space from CoSpaces Edu that you can remix:
(Remix available to CoSpaces Edu Pro accounts only. See below for a trial code!)

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