Sunday, September 15, 2019

Get Your Google Expeditions Lesson Planner!

Get Your #GoogleExpeditions Lesson Planner | @EdTechnocation
Google Expeditions is a completed FREE Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality app for K-Higher Ed classrooms! It's one of my favorite AR & VR tools and it's one of my top choices for taking my students on immersive field trips! Dive in to this post for a video walkthrough, resources, and a free Lesson Planner template!

Watch the Video Walkthrough: 
Let's Explore Google Expeditions

On September 15, 2019 I led a Facebook LIVE broadcast for the Virtual & Augmented Reality for Education Facebook group. During this hour long broadcast I introduce Google Expeditions, share it's benefits to the classroom, give a walkthrough of a VR and AR Expedition experience, and share some resources and tips.

Watch the Recording of the Facebook LIVE Broadcast:

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Google Expeditions Lesson Planner!

When planning to use Google Expeditions in the classroom it's important to think beyond just using the tool for a fun and engaging experience. This lesson planner template will help you consider and plan for what you and your students will do before the expedition, during the expeditions, and after the expedition. In this lesson planner template you need to consider these three important things:
  1. Before the Expedition: How will students access and build background knowledge to prepare for the expedition?
  2. During the Expedition: How are students recording and processing what they learn from the expedition?
  3. After the Expedition: How are students synthesizing and analyzing what they learn from the expedition?
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Important Resource for Google Expeditions

The most important resource for Google Expeditions in the OFFICIAL List of Available Expeditions. This is a Google Sheet that the Expeditions Team manages. They update this spreadsheet frequently with new AR and VR Expeditions.

Two Tips for using the spreadsheet:
  1. Setup a Notification Email: In the spreadsheet go to Tools > Notifications Rules and set up a notification email to send you a digest email. In the settings of your notification choose "Any changes are made" and "Email - daily digest". When the Expeditions Team adds new expeditions to the spreadsheet you will automatically receive an email notification. This is the ONLY way to be notified of new expeditions.
  2. Use Quick Search: To quickly find an expedition based on keywords use either Control +F or Command + F to open up the "Find in sheet" search box. Type in your keyword(s) to find an expedition that fits what you're looking for.

Bookmark this List of Available Expeditions!

Everything you need from this LIVE Broadcast can also be access here:

"Your Pace Training" Online Course:
Google Street View for the K-12 Classroom

Watch the short information video below to learn about this online self-paced courses by the AR VR Edu Hub! 
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